Find the JOY Factor!

Our 4-week Relationship Intensive will focus on effectively Creating Joy-Filled Connections

We will be giving practical tools and activations to implement the concepts shared during the Marriage Mastery Workshop: Finding The Joy Factor.

It takes some time and practice to form healthy habits and lifestyle changes. The Relationship Intensive will help you apply healthy patterns of communication and connection into your daily relationships, that results in greater levels of trust and intimacy, making for more joy-filled, thriving relationships.

If you desire to go to the next level of breakthrough in Creating Joy-Filled Connections in your relationships, whether in marriage, family, friendships, workplace, or community, then the Relationship Intensive is for you!

You can attend the Relationship Intensive as a couple, a married person by yourself, or a single person.

Are you ready to learn how to have Joy filled connections?

Here's what you'll receive:

  • Learn how Create Secure Connections.

  • Find insight into Creating Constructive Connection Codes.

  • Why is Creating Bank important in your connections?

  • Tools for Creating Creative Connection Opportunities.

  • You will meet with others who are also on this quest to have joy filled connections. Building your relationships and community.

  • PLUS- in your last session, Kevin and Theresa and their team will prophesy over you igniting your JOY to the next level!

  • DOUBLE BLESSING- This intensive will be an on-ramp for you to join Theresa’s international creative movement.

Meet Your Mentors:

Theresa Dedmon

Theresa is an internationally known speaker who empowers and activates believers to walk in their supernatural creative destiny. She is a forerunner in the New Creative Renaissance, blending in aspects of healing and the prophetic within her ministry and empowering her students to do the same.

She led the Creative Arts Department at Bethel Redding for over 19 years, teaching and empowering BSSM students and members to transform the city, church life, and missions to dream about creative outlets that would transform culture and awaken believers to how each believer can co-create with God. She leads internationally and nationally creative and dream conferences around the world.

In 2018, Theresa started her online Create Academy Learning Platform, where she has raised up hundreds of students to fulfill their God-given destiny as they go through her courses and she mentors them.

Theresa’s books include: "Cultivating Kingdom Creativity Manual" on how to create with God for kids and adults, "Born to Create: Stepping Into Your Supernatural Destiny,” "Created To Overcome: An Interactive Journey of the Heart through Art and Poetry.”

Kevin Dedmon

Kevin has been in pastoral ministry for over 30 years and has a B.A. in Biblical Studies and a M.A. degree in Church Leadership from Vanguard University. He taught revival Kingdom theology, Treasure Hunts and healing in the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry for 13 years. He was also on the leadership team of Bethel Church during that time, where he developed Treasure Hunts, Firestarters, HomeFire and activating church members in evangelism as well as training new believers and new members in a revival supernatural lifestyle.

Kevin has also authored the following books: The Ultimate Treasure Hunt, Unlocking Heaven: Keys to Living Naturally Supernatural, The Risk Factor, T.N.T., Firestarters curriculum and HomeFire curriculum .

Kevin, along with his wife Theresa, spend their time speaking at conferences and churches, writing and developing curriculum in which people are equipped, empowered and activated in miracles, healing and prophetic as a normal lifestyle of the believer.

Lyn Rosenthal

I’m passionate about encouragement and the strength one carries to align with God's amazing ability and gift of redeeming all things.

I’m also skilled in working with triggers and pain associated with trauma, relationship issues, life stressors, life season transitions, and identity formulation. I have clinically supervised experience with individual therapy, group therapy, life skills coaching for developmental delay, mental health issues, domestic violence crisis line.

I have two years experience to present as an Bethel On Stage Artists. I have served four years to present on Bethel's Prophetic Sessions team. I have served one year in Bethel's Healing Rooms.

Masters in Counseling Psychology including 1800 hours clinically supervised experience in trauma recovery, domestic violence, molest, substance abuse recovery, child, family and marital counseling, mental health assessments and treatment.

Douglas Phillips

Doug Phillips is a LCSW with over 40 years of clinical counseling experience.

His specialty is helping people work through trauma, and bringing them into a lifestyle of wellbeing, that enables them to have healthy, fulfilling, relationships.

He is also a modern-day revivalist who walks in supernatural ministry, as he partners with Holy Spirit to bring people into spiritual, emotional, and relational freedom, fruitfulness, and fulfillment.


  • When does the Intensive take place?

    The Intensive runs for 4 Saturdays, starting on January 27th at 10:00 am PST.

  • Is this event online or in person?

    This is an online event. The recordings will be made available afterwards.

  • Is there a discount for Create Academy members?

    Yes! We have discounts available for Create Academy members, those in Leadership Track, Mentorship Track, and our Partners.

    Email us at [email protected] to get your discount coupon!

  • Does the price double for a couple?

    No! :) One person may register and then share the information with the other person joining you.

  • What supplies do I need?

    No supplies needed. But you may want to have something to take notes! :)

Are you ready to take your JOY connections to the next level?

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