What is Create Connect?

Create Connect is an opportunity for you to get to know Theresa on a more personal level. Join Theresa in a LIVE monthly webinar as she shares the foundational core values and principles she has learned that have guided and shaped her personal life resulting in tremendous breakthrough in intimacy with God, healing and the prophetic. 

What is it like?

Become part of a global family who meet with Theresa every month to grow together and learn. There will be a specific focus, whether it be a special guest, teaching on how to hear God’s voice, how to reach your community through creativity, going on an encounter with God or ask questions on how to build a creative community. Always with powerful practical application points. I want to hear from you! If you want to suggest a topic make a post my Online Creative Community.

What if I can’t join live every time?

Create Connect times are recorded so you will be able to go back and watch them over again or watch ones you might have missed. Participating live provides multiple Q&A opportunities and more. 

Create Sessions

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    • Next Live Create Connect - July 9 2019 at 9am PDT
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    Create Connect Archive 2019

    • January 2019 - Pursuing Your Dreams
    • February 2019 - Hearing God
    • March 2019 - Creating with Kids
    • April 2019 - Coaching
    • May 2019 - School of Creativity
    • June 2019 - Building Healthy Creative Habits


  • $7.99 / month

    $7.99 / monthCreate Connect with Theresa Dedmon

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    $55.00 / monthCreate Connect with Theresa Dedmon

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