Hearing God’s voice is about having a personal relationship with God!

This eCourse will help you grow in intimacy with God, as you begin to recognize and understand His voice in your everyday life.

Hearing God’s voice will bring you comfort, direction, and courage to fulfill all of the plans and purposes He has for you.

You will Learn

  • To have confidence hearing God’s voice

  • To identify lies and false beliefs that hinder hearing His voice

  • To identify some of the ways God wants to speak to you right now!

  • To imagine with the mind of Christ

  • To have greater intimacy with God

  • To take risk in creatively expressing what we hear

What does a lesson look like?

Each lesson takes between 30-45 mins and includes: 15-20 minute teaching video Written Curriculum: - Assessment questions - Guided encounters with God Practical action steps and tools

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lies That Keep Us from Hearing God’s Voice

    • Welcome to Hearing God

    • Introduction Video

    • Video Lesson

    • Written Content

  • 2

    Discovering Different Ways God Speaks

    • Video Lesson

    • Written Content

  • 3

    Unlocking Your Sanctified Imagination

    • Video Lesson

    • Written Content

  • 4

    Partnering With God's Voice

    • Video Lesson

    • Written Content

  • 5

    What's next?

    • Create Momentum

    • Creative Coach Christy Lane

    • Creative Coach Claudia Klann

    • Creative Coach Lyn Rosenthal

    • Book Your Free 15 min Coaching Session

Pricing options

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