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This conference was fire 🔥 and we wanted to make the recordings available for a LIMITED TIME so that more people can jump in, take ahold of what God is doing in this season, and release creative movements all across this globe.

There’s STILL TIME to sign up for the IGNITE Conference I have received so many wonderful messages about how much you all enjoyed the conference and a lot of you wanted to find out if the time for registering could be extended. So, God has answered your prayers!

We are extending registration to midnight February 1st (midnight PST). So, share about this conference with others and let’s see this conference touch more people as it has you.

God believes in you, I believe in you, and so do those in my community.

It’s time to get started- because remember, you are born to create!

- Theresa Dedmon

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    • Welcome to the Ignite Your God-Given Design & Destiny conference!

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    1. Theresa Dedmon - Follow The Flames of Encounters

    • When we experience the Creator’s Design in crafting our unique DNA and then learn to discern His pleasure when we create ...

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    2. Dan McCollam - Increasing Your Creative Capacity and the Power to Finish

    • The enemy is not intimidated by the creative things you start; but he is terrified by what you finish ....

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    3. Chris Lumry - How Unlocking Creativity Accelerates Momentum

    • Learn simple tools that are helping professionals refresh motivation, activate problem-solving, and find career clarity via recognition and and activation of their God-given creative nature in work...

  • 5

    4. Tinasha LaRaye - Voice: More Than A Sound

    • When we speak, write, communicate, we are doing more than pairing words together for a message, we are releasing more than a sound, we are operating as a voice in the land...

  • 6

    5. Brian Petersen - Make Art Public

    • Touching Hearts with Murals and Painting in the Marketplace...

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    6. Kevin Dedmon - Inspiring Creative Breakthrough

    • Discover how impartations can help us go to the next levels of creative innovation ...

  • 8

    7. Anne Ballard - Partnering with the Now Word of God

    • What you speak and allow to be proclaimed over you is powerful, and Holy Spirit has a word for you at this time...

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    8. Panel Discussion

    • Panel Discussion

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    Workshops - Group 1

    • Launching Your Dreams Into Destiny - Kevin Dedmon

    • Breaking Off Defeating Mindsets That Keep You From Thriving as a Creative - Theresa Dedmon

    • Tips For Writers - Connect to the Presence of God - Chris Tracy & Don Milam

    • Discover Creative Freedom as a Visual Artist - Amani Hanson

    • Redemptive Creativity: Six Keys for Turning Difficulty Into Delight & Destiny - Chris Lumry

    • Releasing Your Creative Potential in the Marketplace - Nathan Obokoh & Claire-Angela Henry

    • Dancing into your Destiny, From Darkness to Glory - PJ Clark & Cameron Cunningham

  • 11

    Workshops - Group 2

    • Releasing the Supernatural Power of God Through What You Create - Theresa Dedmon

    • Creating a Kingdom Creative Culture - Kevin Dedmon

    • Building Community Among Creatives - Becky Leebens & Kirsten Larsen

    • Healing Wounds and Traumas through the power of creativity - Lyn Rosenthal

    • Voice: More Than A Sound - Tinasha LaRaye

    • Discover How to Find Your Destiny & Partner with Holy Spirit to Walk it Out - Allison Elliott

    • Creating Music Beyond the 4 Walls of the Church - Sam Pasula

Available until end of day Feb 1

Don't wait to get access to these incredible recordings when they're released!

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We had over 21 leaders minister and speak!


Here what attendees are saying!

"Thank you to you and your team for a fantastic event today! It blue my mind on so many levels! May the Spirit of the Lord spread like wild fire through the nations through each individual that attended!"
- Attendee
"I'm so glad I signed up for this. It's amazing!"
- Elize
"Theresa, this is the best Conference ever!"
- Pamela

"This event was incredible! My mind has been blown. I will be listening to these recordings over and over again!"
- Kirsten
"God reminded me that I'm a fire-starter!"
- Susan

"Going to listen to the recordings 500!"
- Star

WOW😮 POW💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥
- Loraine

"During the Encouter time of Breaking Off Defeating Mindsets That Keep You From Thriving as a Creative with Theresa she had us identify our specific barriers and then what Jesus/ Holy Spirit/ Father God has to show me. I identified with the entire list of barriers, so I felt like I had tons of labels that disqualified me. God showed me that I felt like all of those labels were tattooed all over me, easy to see and nearly impossible to remove. Father God showed me all of these labels were like labels on fruit and very easy for Him to remove."
- David