THERESA DEDMON MINISTRIES has developed new online coaching programs as part of the CREATE ACADEMY (Hereafter “CREATE ACADEMY”). CREATE ACADEMY is a series of online Christian coaching programs intended to promote personal healing, growth and development. As a participant in the program(s), I acknowledge the following:

Coaching is not intended to be nor is it counseling. CREATE ACADEMY does not provide clinical counseling or psychotherapy, nor is the coaching provided, if applicable, meant to be a substitute for clinical counseling or therapy, treatment for depression, or any other psychiatric or psychological condition and/or problem. The coaching information provided, if any, by CREATE ACADEMY, its coaches, agents, and/or employees does not constitute professional advice, nor is it intended to be. Any information provided is to be used for educational and informational purposes only.

Coaching is designed to address issues the person coached would like to consider, including, but not limited to, personal foundation and growth, creative aspirations, career development, relationship enhancement, spiritual growth, healthy lifestyle management, life balance, decision making, achieving both short and long-term goals, and destiny discovery.

Coaching is built on developing relationship over a period of time. However, complete transparency, honesty and good communication is desirable and expected and the coaching is most effective in that environment. The coaching will be through telephone contact, email, texting and/or video conferencing.

CREATE ACADEMY coaching can involve completion of written assignments, education, establishment of goals, identifying plans of action, accountability, agreements to change behavior, examining lifestyles, accountability and questioning. CREATE ACADEMY coaching may involve prayer ministry and inner healing partnering with the Holy Spirit, which may involve looking at past events, asking Jesus questions, and forgiving people for past offenses. Coaching can reveal patterns of behavior or beliefs that keep one stuck in a particular situation or place.

Coaching is a confidential relationship and CREATE ACADEMY coaches agree to keep all information strictly confidential, except in those situations where such confidentiality would violate the law.

Coaching can involve confronting my inner feelings and emotions, which may lead to challenging beliefs and behavior, that may be painful but only if the person coached desires to do so. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the foregoing information and agree to hold CREATE ACADEMY and TD Ministries harmless and free from any and all liability for loss, or damage of any kind, be it spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, physical or financial, that may arise as a result of the coaching that I will receive in the CREATE ACADEMY programs.